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The Delhi Pinjrapole Society (Reg.) Gaushala Marg, near Kishanganj railway station, has been a functioning Gaushala since 1862 and is spread across 4 acres of land. Param Pujya Baba Shaadi Nath Ji used to live in his hut at the same place. Baba Shaadi Nath Ji used to serve 20-25 sweet-calves.

Rai Bahadur Lala Amba prasad ji came in contact with Baba Shaadinaath ji, and after a series of discussions, Baba Shaadinaath ji inspired him to build a workshop.

With his inspiration, Rai Bahadur Ji bought the above-mentioned land and dedicated it to the workshop. He also formed a trust for the organization, so that cows could be taken care of.

Among the other founders of Gaushala are: “Sahab Lala Shiv Shankar Lal, Lala Ram Kishan Das Rangwale, Lala Umrao Singh, Lala Bhaniram Gupta, Lala Mauji Ram Boobna, Lala Durga Prasad, Lala Laxmi Narayan Padhhar, Lala Tarkadas Wale, Lala Jaikishan Vas, Lala Rameshwardas (Haldi ), Lala Radheshyam, Shri Ram Bhagat Gupta, Seth Chunni Lal Jaipuria, Shri Prem Chanvushpta, Shri Lal Chand Singal, Shri Satya Narayan Gupta (Rajnigandha Wale) etc”.

Their immense and surreal contribution cannot be forgotten and will always be remembered. The main office of the Gaushala was formed in the Kirana Committee.

The main points of the Gaushala are as follows:

  1. 1. About 1100+ cow calves are nurtured with love & Care and are completely taken care of.
  2. 2. Nurture of about 700 cow calves in Chhanyasa, Ballabgarh Tehsil, Haryana.
  3. 3. Around 100 families are employed directly, and hundreds of other families are employed from Gaushala.
  4. 4. Green fodder is available in sufficient quantity in the cowshed yard and storage of straw remains in the cowshed.
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Our Mission

Earlier, every village in India had a gaushala but with the advent of time, that has completely changed. Thus our aim with the Gaushala website is to generate funds for the welfare of cows and other animals in need. And open Gaushalas in every corner of India, so that our holy cows are always well fed and taken care of.

The responsibility of caring for cows certainly comes with the opportunity to witness many wonderful things about their nature. Cows are calm in nature and spread positivity around the place. So now it is our duty to ensure that our holy cows are taken care of and have a proper place to stay so that they do not have to roam around as stray animals.

Thus we are taking the responsibility to maintain our ancient culture and respect the cattle. We are dedicated to providing shelter and taking care of straying cows.

Our gaushala is the home of desi cows, we take care of more than 5000 cows across two branches. We also help educate society about the urgent need for cow protection.



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The History Timeline


Gaushala Establishment

The Delhi Pinjrapole Society (Reg.) Gaushala has been functioning in about 4 acres of land since 1862 founded by Param Pujya Baba Shadinath Ji.


The Renovation of the Gaushala

On the 24th of January 2011, we started the renovation of our Gaushala in which some new construction was made to make the cattle's life better than before.


Digitalization of the Gaushala

We have created an online portal to reach out worldwide for Gau-Seva and manage our Gaushala.

our Founders

Below, have been mentioned, the respected founders of our Gauseva Mission, their contribution has been immensely important in the establishment of Gaushala.

Late Rai Bahadur Amba Prashad ji
Late Rai Shiv Shankar Lal
Late Lala Ram Kishan Dass Rangwala

Whom we can not forget

Here are some of the regular supporters of the Gauseva Mission, with whose hard work and dedication, we aim to open a Gaushala in every corner of the country.

Late Shri Radha Raman
Ex Chief executitive Councillor (Delhi)
Lala Umrao Singh ji
Lala Lala Lakshman Dass Aggarwal
Late Lala Jai Kishan dass Aggarwal
Late Lala Roshan Lal Aggarwal
Late Lala Ratan Lal ji
Late Lala Ved Prakash Goel
Late Shri Lokesh Dutt Multani

Present office Bearers

Shri Hem Kumar Aggarwal

+9198100 63639

Shri Rakesh Kumar Goyal
Sr. Vice President

+9198110 39384

Shri Prakash Chand Barathi
General Secretary

+9198100 26981

Shri Nand Kishore Aggarwal

+9198101 84384

Shri Ashok Mittal

+9198101 18589

Future Plans

Some future action plans for the protection and nurturing of our holy cows are as follows:

  • Construction of a high-end (R & D) lab on the first floor of sheds.
  • Construction of health-friendly phenyl from cow urine.
  • Value-added products like incense-agarbatti-incense burner etc. to be made from cow dung.
  • Main a fully operational gobar gas plant, so that round the clock electricity can be ensured.
  • To take all necessary steps towards making the Gaushala eco-friendly, such as the installation of solar panels with the help of the government if possible.
  • Production of earthworm-Burmese manure from cow dung.