Frequently Asked Questions

  • Registeration

  • 1. How can I register for Gaudaan?

    To register for Gaudaan, perform the following steps:

    1. 1. Move your cursor on the “services” section of the website and then click on the “Gaudaan” section.
    2. 2. Choose the cow you wish to adopt.
    3. 3. To view details about the cow, click on “View Profile”.
    4. 4. Then click on “Adop (cow’s name).
    5. 5. After that, a billing details page will open, where you are required to fill in your details.
    6. 6. Then click on “Proceed to Pay” and fill out the payment information and make the payment.
    7. 7. receipt of your kind donation will be sent to you, on your email.
    8. 8. You will also be sent pictures/videos, which will assure with the fact that your donation money is being used for the welfare of the cows only.
  • 2. What is the “Gaushala” project about?

    The “Gaushala Project” is an online website of the Gaushalas located in the country. Through the website, you can:

    1. 1. Make a donation for the welfare of cows and other animals.
    2. 2. Adopt a cow on a monthly, yearly or lifetime basis.
    3. 3. Keep a track of your donation money, thus you will be assured that your money is being utilized for the right purposes only.
    4. 4. Buy healthy products such as “Agricultural Jaivik Khad, Cow Milk, Ghee, Cattle Dung”.

    Our vision is to ensure that all cows and other animals in need are taken care of and have a home so that they do not need to roam on the streets as stray animals.

  • Donation

    Let's make our Gaushala powerful and more productive. Contribute to Gaushala to fulfil the basic needs of cows and gaupalaks.

    1. 1. Your donation will contribute directly towards the welfare of cows and other animals in need.
    2. 2. The donation amount is completely of your choice and your assistance in helping us to make the lives of our holy cows better is wholeheartedly appreciated.
    3. 3. You can donate on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.
    4. 4. A one-time donation option is also available.
    5. 5. You can also adopt a cow and your process will ensure that the cow is well fed and is medicated on time.

    Our mission is to ensure that our holy cows are always well-fed, properly medicated and have a home. Thus our vision entails opening a gaushala in every part of the country.

  • Gauseva

    Vedic Literature says ‘Gau Sarve Sukhprada’ which implies cows provide immense benefits to human beings-wealth such as health. So via our Gaushala website, we aim to reach a large number of kind-hearted people, who want to work for the welfare of our “Gau Mata”.

  • Products

    Benefits of Our Products

    1. 1. Recently fresh cow dung kills all kinds of bacterial enzymes which cause Malaria and TB.
    2. 2. Cow Urine contains the auspicious element known as copper, which gets transferred in the form of gold in the human body, as gold has the potential of killing all the harmful pathogens.
    3. 3. And cow urine also contains iron, calcium, phosphorus, carbonic acid, potash and lactase.
    4. 4. Different kinds of useful medicines are made from cow-urine.