About the Gaushala project

The “Gaushala Project” is an online website of the Gausalas located in the country. Through the website, you can:

  1. 1. Make a donation for the welfare of cows and other animals.
  2. 2. Adopt a cow on a monthly, yearly or lifetime basis.
  3. 3. Keep a track of your donation money, thus you will be assured that your money is being utilized for the right purposes only.
  4. 4. Buy healthy products such as “Agricultural Jaivik Khad, Cow Milk, Ghee, Cattle Dung”.

Our vision is to ensure that all cows and other animals in need are taken care of and have a home so that they do not need to roam on the streets as stray animals.



Our gaushala is home to pure desi cows (Bos Indicus). Along with Gauseva, we also educate society about the urgent need for cow protection (Go-Raksha).

Medical Support

We provide all kinds of medical support to cows. As we ensure that our holy cows are fully vaccinated and are also medicated on time.

Nutritional &
Calving Care

We make sure that cows and other animals in need have a healthy food intake, which is inclusive of all nutrients. This ensures that our cows live a healthy life.


We have placed RFID tags on cows, which helps us to identify each cow and keep updating its medical history such as the vaccination status.

Adoption &

Now you can adopt a cow and donate on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis for their welfare. By doing such good, you will be earning the holy blessings.


We also take care of the environment, as we equipment set up for Bio-gas production, which reduces our dependence on renewable fuel sources.


Through “Gaushala website”, we have digitalized the entire operational mechanism of Gaushala, which has improved functional efficiency levels.


About Delhi Pinjrapole Gaushala (Regd)

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Our holy cows have been benefiting mankind for thousands of years. That is the reason the cows are well respected and worshipped in Indian culture and many ancient cultures worldwide.

Through Gaushala, we make sure that cows and other animals in need are fed properly and are taken care of in the most warm-hearted manner. But we alone are unable to do everything and that is why we need your support.

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Cow protection Our Eternal Dharma

According to the ancient Indian ways of thinking, one is advised to do good deeds, not only for the welfare of human civilization but also for the welfare of other living beings such as cows and other animals in need.

Indian civilization has always worshipped the cow as a holy animal and we are grateful to the species of the cow for supplying milk to the human babies and the sentiment is so pure and holy that a cow is accepted as one of the seven mothers. That is called the Indian cultural mission.

Human civilization will advance only based on brahminical culture and cow protection. The protection of the lives of cows is the first and foremost duty of human society.



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Delhi Pinjrapole

Society Gaushala (Regd)

Cow milk provides the required nutrition to the entire family, also natural fertilizers and pesticides are manufactured from desi cow dung. Go-mutra is distilled for Ayurvedic medicinal purposes.

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What Our Supporters Says

Many prominent personalities are contributing to our Gaushala. Here are some feedbacks from our supporters

I visited the Pinjara Pol & was very much pleased to see the great humanitarian Institution. Relief is afforded here not only to cows but to suffering animals of other kinds as well. The tender care with which the cats are looked after deserves every praise. I heartily congratulate Lala Amba Pershad who is the soul of the institution, on his unflagging devotion to the service of these humble creatures of God, A the other members of the committee & supporters of the Pinjara Pol on the sustained success of their efforts to keep up this large institution in condition of growing usefulness. They deserve not merely the thanks of the public but their co-operations support.

Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya 30th March 1916

I was Present today on the occassin of the annual distribution of rewards Also,long as the institution is conducted on itspresent principles of general kindness to all sorts condition of animals,I shall be glad to renew my supports.

M.Douglas /Deputy Commissioner12 October 1899

It was with great pleasure that after an Interval of yours,I again attended the annual Jalsa of the Delhi Pinjara Pol.The Institution has now completed 25 years of useful work a result almost entirely due to the goal of its chief supporter Rai Bahadur Lala Amba Parshad who is to be congratulated on the success attained.

C.A. Barron /Chief Commissioner Delhi10th March 1919

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